User Guide

Ready to play? Here’s how it works:

  1. Each league is made up of a certain number of rounds.
  2. Each round has a musical theme, like ‘covers’ or ‘I want your sax.'
  3. When the round opens, league players are notified to submit a song that fits the theme.
  4. When everyone has submitted (or the submission deadline arrives), everyone receives a link to the playlist to listen, consider, and then return to Music League to assign points and add comments to reminisce, toast and maybe a gentle roast.
  5. Once the votes are in, everyone will be able to see the results, including who submitted what, how everyone voted, and all the comments.
  6. Points are earned from round to round and accumulate through the entire league until a winner is crowned.

Ready to start a league? Here’s the scoop:

  1. Click the “+” icon in the top right
  2. Name your league
  3. Make a few decisions about how many songs each player will submit per round, how they’ll be able to use votes and (and even downvotes!) to make their opinions known.
  4. Create! Here are some tips:
    • Aim to make 5 or 6 rounds lasting about a week each
    • Choose themes that are broad enough to allow people to pick songs from their heads, not from Google. Visit our theme list below for suggestions.
    • Choose a standard cadence for submitting and voting
  5. Click “Create League!” and share the link with 7 – 14 friends
  6. Have a blast!


Submit a song by searching for a song directly in the Music League app or by copying and pasting a link directly from Spotify (free accounts work!) into Music League:
  • Hover over the song
  • Click the three dots on the far right
  • From that dropdown list, select “share” -> “copy song link”
  • Paste the link into the Music League app
  • Comment as the mood strikes

Each league can consist of any number of players the admin wants. 8 to 15 usually does the trick.

A league can have up to 100 rounds. 4 to 6 seems to be the sweet spot.

The creator, or “admin,” is not able to see anything that other players can’t also see… so, once the game starts, there is no competitive advantage to being the admin.

Because it’s not sporting.

Deadlines can be a drag, but they make leagues run smoothly.
  • If you miss a song submission deadline, you can’t vote on the other songs (but you still get to listen).
  • If you miss a voting deadline, any points given to your song that round will be discarded, unless an admin has activated the 'low stakes' setting for the league.

You can delete your account by opening the Settings menu in the mobile app or website.

Once you're there, click the "Delete Account" button. This will delete all personal data that you've provided to Music League including your name, email address, comments, and chat messages. It will also remove you from any leagues that you're currently in.

The Spotify songs that you've submitted will remain in the database and playlists indefinitely; however, they will no longer be tied to you in any way.

The app/website will also provide additional (optional) instructions that you can follow to remove the Music League integration from your Spotify account by logging into Spotify's website. We cannot do this on your behalf.

Need more info? Email us at or join us on Discord.

Theme Ideas

A good theme is one that is broad enough for a player to pull a song from his or her memory. If they have to Google, it’s less fun.

Clarity is key. Write theme descriptions to make sure players know when a song is in bounds.

Also: try to make sure your theme will make a banger of a playlist. Good ideas don’t always mean good listening.

Beginner Themes (perfect for new players)

A song that was originally recorded by someone else.

A song with no vocals.

A song that is less than 2 minutes long.

A song that is more than 6 minutes long.

A song in which two well-known musicians collaborate on a song.

Guilty Pleasures
A song that you genuinely love, but embarrasses you a bit.

A song that you can’t get out of your head.

New Hotness
A song that was released in the last year.

Live Songs
A live recording.

One Word Title
A song with a single-word title.

Ladies Night
A song with a female lead singer.

Good Morning
A song to start your day with.

Movie Soundtrack
A song made famous by its appearance in a movie.

Pump Me Up
A great song to work out to.

Free Parking
Anything goes! Submit a song you love.

Turn it to Eleven
A song that you can’t help but listen to LOUDLY.

Feeling Wrecked
The one song you’d take with you to a desert island.

Who’s that Boy/Girl?
A song with a person’s name in the title.

Decade/Year Themes
A song released in a particular decade or year

Genre Themes
Anything goes here… with lots of debate potential for crossover songs.

More Advanced Themes

Gone Solo
A song by a solo artist who previously became famous as a member of a band.

One Hit Wonder
A well-known song by a band or artist who never had another hit.

Deep Cuts
A song that is not well known by an artist who is very well known.

In Memoriam
Songs by artists who are no longer with us.

Can Openers
A song that was the first track on its album.

I Knew Them First
A song with less than 100,000 Spotify plays.

No, But Seriously
A song that is often mocked but you insist it’s legitimately good.

It’s Not a Phase!
A song you listened to as a teenager that you still listen to today.

A song that features a substantial guitar solo.

Sampler Platter
A song with well-known samples.

One-word Song Titles
A song with a very short name.

Gateway Songs
A song that turned you on to a particular group or artist.

A song made out of two or more other songs.

Lovely Lovers
Songs that make you feel squishy.

Songs that make you feel lonely and sad. In a good way.